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Pramana Rent Car ADVANTAGES pramana RENT CAR

Surabaya is the second largest city after the capital, Jakarta, and is the capital of East Java, which is rich in tourist attractions.

Pramana Rent Car which has more than eight years in running the business now comes online to serve you who want to travel binis and for those of you who want to discover the beauty of East Java.

Has a lot of growing car rental company in Surabaya, but we have the advantage in this business. Here are some things that make us superior when compared to other companies.

6 Advantage Rent Car Pramana:

1. Best Service With Cheap And Affordable Prices.

Prices are cheap and affordable is often synonymous with unsatisfactory service, but we can prove that a low price is not always the bad service anyway.

Pramana rent car always put your satisfaction as a customer, and on that basis we also apply a five-star hotel services to our customers, since when making a reservation you will be examined by customer service pramana rent car that is reliable and experienced. As well as our drivers are highly experienced and skilled in terms of driving, in addition to reliable in terms of driving we mewajibkankepada every driver to open the service door and bring any luggage for our customers.

We make sure that you will get the best service from Pramana rent a car, and do not worry about the price, because we always give the best price for all our customers.

2. Condition of Vehicle Prima & Smoke Free

Vehicles that we use is the vehicle the latest release, which we always perform routine maintenance every day, so that each vehicle be sure that has tested keyakan and always in top shape.

Each vehicle Pramana rent car also smoke-free for the sake of comfort you during the trip. And there is just not enough we also have a fleet of very adequate as a backup as a replacement vehicle if the vehicle is broken while in use by our customers.

3. The driver / driver qualified and experienced in their field.

To ensure your comfort and your safety while using our services, Pramana rent car has been providing reliable and experienced driver.

In addition to the ability that no doubt, we also apply a polite and friendly appearance for each of our driver, we apply this through the use of uniform service and opened the door for each customer.

4. Fully Protection Against Every Armada Us.

Pramana rent car had protected every fleet that we use with insurance all risk, it is our doing so that our customers do not need to worry for any repairs that caused if something happens to our vehicles. By doing so we are responsible for any damage to the vehicle that you use.

5. Location Just 10 Minutes From Juanda Airport in Surabaya.

Location Pramana rent car very strategic and just 10 minutes from Juanda International Airport. It is very easy for you as a customer if you want the speed and accuracy when the pick-up / pick-up sevice at the airport.

However, to ensure the timeliness, we apply the rule to the driver us to do service to wait 30 minutes before the arrival of our customers, then so our customers will be instantly greeted with hospitality right after getting off the plane.

6. Service 24 Hours For Reservations.
As part of our service to you as our valued customers, We provide service 24 hours a day for reservations. If you can not make a reservation online then we provide a choice of telephone service with a number 031-72111157 / 081 858 9994

Pramana Rent car

Make sure you use the services Pramana Rent Car, because your satisfaction is our primary goal.