Cheap Car Rental

sewa mobil murah Cheap Car Rental Tips With Best Services.

Really something cheap synonymous with service and poor quality .. ??

Or is it true if we pay expensive it will be certainly we will get the best service .. ?? cheap car rental

How do I search for Car Rental can give you a low price but with the best service .. ??

Here are some tips how to choose company Car Rental for you.

Cheap Car Rental

- Determine the type of car as needed cheap car rental

The first step that you should take before visiting the car rental companies is to determine the type of car that will be used for your trip. If you include small family - consisting of you, wife, and two children - should choose the type of car a small family or Low Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV)

- Perform benchmarking cheap car rental price car rental cheap

Currently, many companies providers of car rental services. In order to get the right price, you should make a comparison with doing a small survey of four or five companies. Compare prices they give, do not be lured by low prices but also do not agree to it at a high price.
- Learn the rental agreement carefully

After getting a picture of the car to be leased, lease rates, and determine a provider of car rental Surabaya, the next step is to study the company's lease agreements proffered. Learn a few things concerning the rights and obligations of tenants.

Another thing that should be asked is, if there is delay in the return of the car. It should be asked, considering we did not bias guessing road conditions during the trip. Jams for hours can happen. Before the deal price, make sure whatever is included in the price: if it includes a driver, whether the insurance is included, etc.

- Ask your insurance benefits

If the company where you rent a car also apply the cost of insurance premiums, ask clearly the type of insurance, the benefits to be gained, as well as the scope of protection for anyone, whether for yourself or other family members. How large a sum that is earned and so on.

- Check the condition of the car (if not using a driver)

When all the above matters is finished, now turn to check the condition of the car. Strive as much as possible to choose a car that a maximum of six years old. Because, the car with that age is still relatively stable and is relatively prime condition.

After getting the car in question, do check the condition of the electrical, engine, tires, as well as the stability of the car. Electrical conditions may use assistive devices volt meter to check the power source both the alternator and the battery.

If no such tool use the simplest way to start the engine. After that activate all devices supporting the convenience that use electrical power source such as lights, air conditioner (AC), power windows, audio system, and so on.

So even with the engine, when switched on in a few minutes before wheezing means the engine is not healthy. Make sure the condition of the tires - with carvings development - still in good condition, or at least 70 percent.

Do not forget, try the car on the road - with the permission of the officer of the company - to determine whether or not stable when the car is driven. That way also to ascertain the condition of the suspension, and the legs of the car.

- Ask for a phone number to call

When all business requirements have been completed and you've agreed to rent it, do not forget to ask for the telephone number the company where you hire who can be contacted at any time. This is to anticipate the case of undesirable events on the road with regard to the car and you can ask the state to the officer at the company.

Cheap Car Rental

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Cheap Car Rental

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